1 Kings 19:1-15

In 1 Kings 19, Elijah the prophet of God, is a wanted man. In fact his very life is on the line and he is wanted by none other than the political rulers of the land. When we catch up to him Elijah has fled into the wilderness in an attempt to escape the torturous and lethal machinations Jezebel has planned for him. Elijah made a fool of the false god she worshiped and her false prophets. She wants him to pay for what he has done and she has a plan for it. But, Elijah flees to Judah and while there he is physically safe, yet he remains haunted by dread. So much so that he begs God to take his life and free him from the existential fear consuming him.(19:4) Elijah is ready to give up, but God will not and does not give up on people. As the story continues to unfold we see that God provides for Elijah’s body with food and drink for the journey of life. Strengthening him physically for the hardships on the horizon. Even more importantly, when Elijah encounters God in the cave, God restores his spirit and enlivens his soul. He does this with the heavenly food and the eternal spring of water of God’s ever abiding word. Which Elijah finds not in mountain shattering winds, not in great earthquakes, not in fire, nor in the blood of his enemies, but in the sound of silence. When the chaos of the world is calmed and everything is still; impossibly powerfully still. Here Elijah finally understands that the tyrannical powers of fear and suffering do not have the final word. No, the final word belongs to God and God alone. And His word is life.

In this season of Lent, and every day of your life. Remember that you too are called into the Divine presence. No matter what fears grip your heart. No matter your anxiety. No matter the brokenness you may feel. May you know that God is calling you by name, just like he called Elijah. May God give you hope. May God fill your life with purpose and send you into the world. May God inspire you and strengthen you to live in truth. May God fill you with His word. When chaos surrounds you, may God give you peace. May you be still and know that God is with you.


Pr. Spencer