Our congregation has over 250 years worth of genealogical records, dating to the original parish register of 1763.  As you might expect, individuals researching their genealogy often will seek information about their ancestors, and we are happy to help with this process.  We have a dedicated volunteer who has a keen familiariaty with our materials, and she is happy to correspond with out-of-town inquiries.  

Genealogical Research Policy

1.  Many of our materials are off-site.  

2.  Our volunteer is happy to correspond via e-mail to address reasonable queries (please note, however, that she is a volunteer, and broad requests requiring extensive research on the part of our volunteer will have to be politely declined).

3.  You must make an appointment, well in advance of your visit, with our genealogical volunteer to have access to the historical materials.  

4.  If you are traveling to the region in the hopes of accessing our materials, it is imperative that you contact us well in advance of your visit.  Please don't expect to be able to stop by the office and peruse our materials.  Our Parish Administrator cannot be of assistance in genealogical research.  

5.  Some duplicates and original documents are available at the libraries of the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia and the Moravian Archives of the Bethlehem Area Public Library.  Those are also good sources of information, as well.

6.  We have materials pertaining to the Lutheran Congregation of the Dryland Union Church.  Please be certain that your ancestors were Lutheran.  The Dryland United Church of Christ has possession of the records for the Reformed Congregation.  

If you would like assistance with genealogical research, please use our contact form to begin the process.  We will be happy to help you, as our schedules allow.