Confirmation Ministry


Confirmation is a pastoral and educational ministry of the church and has as its goal to help baptized members identify more deeply with the Christian community and participate more fully in the mission of the church.  Confirmation does this through the study of God’s Word, Lutheran theology and regular participation in worship, as well as service and church activities. Confirmation is also a time for young people to think more deeply about the meaning of the Christian faith for their lives and begin their own walk in life as a follower of Jesus Christ.

The confirmation program is two years and two months of confirmation study. Normally student’s enter confirmation when they begin the seventh grade, and will finish at the end of October of their ninth grade year. Our study alternates between the Bible one year and Luther’s Small Catechism, which includes learning about the Apostle’s Creed, Lord’s Prayer, Ten Commandments and the Sacraments. In addition to Sunday class time, there are service activities, faith field trips and retreat. Confirmation classes are held on Sunday mornings during the Sunday School hour – 9:15-10:15